Phillips Solicitors Limited is committed to providing a website that is easy to use for all of our visitors, whether or not you have any disability. This website has therefore been built to:

  • include a site map
  • include links to all our policies, including our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • include a ‘crumb trail’ to allow visitors see where they have been on our site and allow easy navigation of the site
  • allow visitors to alter the size of text using your browser settings (go to view and select text size)
  • allow navigation of the website using keyboard shortcuts
  • comply with Double-A W3c Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (see
  • accompany all images with descriptive ALT attributes

We are continually reviewing and updating our website and are committed to ongoing improvements for accessibility. If you are having difficulty accessing this website or have any suggestions or feedback please contact us via [email protected] or 01256 460830